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About Us

UCompareHealthCare provides the Hospital Quality Monitor Tool (HQMT), an on demand, dynamic, Web-based interactive tools to healthcare providers. Hospitals now have access to processed administrative discharge data allowing them to measure the quality of healthcare services provided by their facility and compare those results to others at the local, regional and national levels. We allow the user to select information based on personal and specific interests and present that data in a visually descriptive manner through annotated charts and graphs.

Many of the quality measures were developed by AHRQ (Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality). Other comparative information includes analysis of total charges, length of stay, mortality and volume for common conditions and procedures. All data is risk adjusted with “state of the art” processes, where available and appropriate. Complete analysis of the results permits a user to measure the effects of risk adjustment on their patient population and compare those results to other providers. We offer information on migration of patients from one institution or locale to other providers or locales offering insight into the areas and providers servicing those patients.

Drill down capabilities reveal the components of each quality measure and the intermediate calculation used to derive the final result. This allows for the assessment of non-systematic error and comparison to other providers on multiple levels.

Our products are affordable as well as easy to use and provide valuable information in support of the quality initiative for providers of all sizes. Please contact our sales department for additional information or to schedule a WebEx demonstration. We can be contacted at (800)-989-8242.